VIDEO: Disclosure’s ‘Magnets (Feat. Lorde)’

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Here is a Lorde we’ve never seen before — sexy and seductive. It’s not that she didn’t exude these adjectives before, but here in the music video for her collaboration with Disclosure, she exemplifies the femme fatale role through and through, even with a glimmer of imminent menace in her gaze. Lorde shared on Twitter that it was her goal in life to play “a hitgirl who pretends to seduce, then burns alive douchey boyfriends.” And that is the exact plot of the video. If one were not made known of this fact, the beginning portion would simply seem that she is just having an affair with a taken man, but when the girlfriend turns around to reveal a black eye, we then understand the secret partnership between the two women.

Watch the video below:

Disclosure’s Caracal is available here.

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