VIDEO: Disclosure’s ‘Holding On (Feat. Gregory Porter)’


Caracal, Disclosure’s follow-up to their highly successful debut album Settle, is anticipated for a September release. The video treatment for their single ‘Holding On’ is the first video from a four-part series that will tie up their videos with the tracks on the upcoming album with more thematic coherence, as stated on the duo’s website. The inaugural 6-minute long video seems to be set in a dystopian future that revolves around main character Mariela who — as we take it — has supernatural powers and is on the run from government authority. Currently, the plot is just a sultry mystery, we’d have to wait for the next video to drop and we’ll get back to it. Conversely, the track alone doesn’t stretch far from what was presented on Settle, but props to the duo for getting Grammy-winning jazz singer Gregory Porter to sing over a house beat.

Watch the video below:

Caracal will be released on Friday 25 September ’15.