VIDEO: Devon Seven’s ‘Where Light Shines Brighter’

You might remember her from our December issue (read the article here) and just as she promised then, Malaysian-Danish Devon Seven has returned with new single ‘Where Light Shines Brighter’. While as sombre as its predecessor, ‘I Don’t Want Summer to End’, the video (directed by the son of Oscar-winner Billie August, Adam) doesn’t capture a candid slice of her love life. Instead, its vague imageries of Scandinavian woods, flashing triangles, strobe lights, and antlers complement Devon’s Carcosa-worthy lyrics (“Take me to another space and time…”) — arcane enough that we wager it would get True Detective‘s Rust Cohle waxing antinatalistic philosophy on the cyclical nature of human life. Current pop culture references aside, ‘Where Light Shines Brighter’ continues her winning streak of off-kilter Scandinavian pop — threatening synths, anodyne-yet-moody vocals, and southern hip hop drums never sound better.

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