VIDEO: Devon Seven’s ‘Infinite Sadness’

source: Devon Seven

It took a long while for Scandinavian alt pop artiste Devon Seven (who is of Malaysian-Danish descent) to release her debut EP Everything Ends, but the result spoke for itself – after all, The Guardian had named her one of the new Nordic pop stars to watch out for. Now, the record’s opener, ‘Infinite Sadness’, has received a music video treatment that was ostensibly inspired by Devon’s current stint in Los Angeles – with her also referencing the melancholy and dreamlike nature of Drive’s LA as an inspiration behind the hazy milieu of the video. “I wanted the visual to show the lonely and hopeless feeling that I try to portray in the song – it’s easy to get lost in such a big city,” she remarked. Strolling through the desolate streets of downtown LA and interspersed with the epilepsy-inducing strobe lights (Ariel Pink’s!) accompanying Devon as she sings in a derelict warehouse, the video represents that particular feeling of urban ennui to a t.

Watch the video below:

… and stream the EP below:

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