VIDEO: Denali by Felt Soul Media

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This tear-jerking video is an adventure photographer’s way of bidding adieu to his best friend — his dog, Denali. The story is told from Denali’s point of view, a recollection of his fondest memories with Ben, the photographer; their sailing through a desert, Denali giving Ben support when he was going through chemotherapy, and having to don ridiculous dog-outfits just for cute photos (the obsession with taking cute photos of pets is very real and very scary). The ending had us feeling as if someone had shoved their hands into our chests and pulled out our hearts while it was beating — the same way Kali Maa did in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, yes — but that’s what animal videos do. The cinematography is beautiful and is a good enough reason to check the video out, incase our incredibly optimistic description didn’t persuade you to.

Have tissue papers on standby:

If you didn’t tear up, you may want to check if you have a heart. For more videos by Felt Soul Media, click here.