VIDEO: Define Beauty: Internet Comments Uncensored

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Cyberbullying is a well-established issue, the ease of saying whatever viscous quips that come to mind online to a friend or stranger is presumably satisfying to one’s fragile ego. As reported by Nowness, dancer Remy Fox has been posting herself dancing throughout her social media and the comments she received were used in the video. Directed by Marie Schuller, she slows the pace of her dance moves as we are left to fully engage with Remy’s body while it undulates and quivers. Then, half-naked men appear — spliced into scenes of her dancing — spouting the forewarned comments. For instance, the obvious but harmless “Dat ass tho,” then comes the body-shaming, “Let the fat begin,” and the deplorable “I want to fuck her, then leave her, just to prove a point.” Like an announcement of her unveiling, the men repetitively declare “cunt” as Remy’s face appears through the soft focus. We understand that it’s of her asserting power over the derogatory word, but the curt manner of which the word was spoken was slightly unnerving.

Watch it below:

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