VIDEO: Dean Blunt’s ‘100’

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source: Dean Blunt

Who’s this Dean Blunt?

The question is quite rhetorical because Google has almost nil about him and even the sites that praise his stuff can’t figure the guy out too. But we do know that he was a part of a project called Hype Williams (yeah, just like the director) where ‘High Beams‘, to say the least, is a papier mache of abrasive, discordant noise. But as evidenced on his last solo album Black Metal, his musical identity is just as difficult to figure out — just watch the video to single ‘100’, a poignant folk rock soundtracked to footage of Blunt driving a car. Essentially a love song, his dense voice contrasts seamlessly with the rhythmic twang of the guitar. As random as the video may seem, for instance, a prolonged passage of a backhanded compliment by Idris Elba (see?) and the unfocused, wobbly camera work just make Dean Blunt all the more intriguing in his reticence.

Spare a moment for this:

Dean Blunt’s Black Metal is available for purchase here.

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