VIDEO: Danny L Harle’s Jungle Survival DJ Challenge

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Danny L Harle

Danny L Harle is among the few artistes under the PC Music collective, and his first music video for single ‘Broken Flowers’ was well-made and edited. But that professionalism can’t be said for a 25-minute long video of him DJing in a “jungle”. He added of the video that, “Finally we will know EXACTLY how good I am at DJing.” We sense sarcasm, and true enough the video is ridiculous, not only in length, but also in its concept. It mimics a video game where there’s a graphic depicting various bars of ‘mad mix meter’, ‘chill factor’, ‘vibe counter’, and so on. He also gets attack by a turtle and digital bats come flying into the screen as he Pied Piper them. He also unlocks several achievements in this survival DJ challenge with one just being as random as unlocking a lettuce. We’re totally serious.

Watch the video below:

The video for ‘Broken Flowers’ below:

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