VIDEO: Daniela Sherer’s What To Do About Insomnia?

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.34.09 PM

The narrator says, “Insomnia isn’t really to do with not being able to sleep, it’s about not having given ourselves a chance to think,” which holds true to many accounts. Oftentimes, people lay in bed wondering about what it is they have or have not accomplished in a day, those thoughts then escalate to greater issues such as what they’ve achieved since existing on this planet — the latter could be something that’s exclusively endured by those going through an existential crisis. Still though, this animated short by Daniela Sherer — as commissioned by The School of Life — may help managing said issues a little easier.

The solution for overthinking and having the need to be in control of everything boils down to taking time out from having to absorb constant information and asking yourself what it is you want to do or how to help yourself feel better. So far, the best form of medication — that doesn’t come in a pill — is meditation. Scoff all you want, but unless you’ve actually tried taking five minutes to tune out from the noise to compartmentalise your thoughts, your comments might be a tad bit invalid. However, if you’re not a sceptic towards matters that are linked to spirituality and self-awareness, watch the video below, it could help. Plus, the animation is hella cute.

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