VIDEO: CLAY’s cover of ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne

Source: Gabrielle Walter-Clay

The UK 6-piece electro-fusion band’s quirky breakout single has gone viral on the web (with over 150 million views on the official music video to date!), and it’s no surprise either. After almost nine months since its record-breaking release, it’s still circling the upper regions of many a country’s radio chart, and Berklee student duo CLAY has taken it upon themselves to produce an immaculate acoustic version of the hit tune while maintaining the same energy and vibe as the original. Gabrielle Walter-Clay’s vocals are simply superb and her backing guitarist complements her skills perfectly with a composed soulful groove to his playing. Check it out! You might like it better than the original, even.

If you dig Gabrielle’s vocals, check out this jazzy original by the talented vocalist here