VIDEO: Chui Wan’s ‘The Sound of Wilderness’

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source: Chui Wan

Beijing’s psychedelic experimental rock band Chui Wan has been on an extensive tour and they’ve garnered plenty of heat in wherever they’ve played, especially in the States. The four-piece took its name from a phrase from Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi’s Qi Wu Lun that expounded as such, “When the wind blows, every sound may be heard therein.” The band has recently released their self-titled sophomore in the beginning of the month and so far, this is their very first music video. As described by the video’s director, Zhang Jinglei, on NPR, the video takes its central idea from enlightenment as triggered by the visions of white he experienced as he listened to the song as well as the poem that inspired the lyrics. In the video, as we witness the band members release themselves from the ennui of everyday life and escape to the wilderness, the labyrinthine song progressively compounds on itself with rhythmic guitars along with a driving sound.

Watch the video below:

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