VIDEO: Charlie Lim’s ‘I Only Tell The Truth’

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source: Charlie Lim

At the preceding half of this year, we spoke about Charlie Lim’s well-received sophomore double EP Time/Space and how it managed to display both the Singaporean singer-songwriter’s propensity for lovelorn messages through gentler, lo-fi flair along with his quite successful experimentation with synth pop. Now, nearing the end of the year, Charlie has released a video for single ‘I Only Tell The Truth’. We see him on board a plane as he struggles to write down his feelings — what would eventually be the lyrics to the titular song. The vast landscapes in which Charlie finds himself in illustrates the distance and isolation that he feels from his lover as eluded in the lyrics. Also, as he sings “I was jealous as a God/ So omniscient yet helpless,” not only it is a great line, but it represents a dichotomy of how his emotions could feel large and all-encompassing and yet he’s simply just a human who can’t control the outcome of his relationship no matter how hard he strives to do so. The climax in the video comes as a nice surprise too, the song and video are unperturbed in its pace that the dramatic change in action is very gripping.

Watch the video below:

Charlie Lim’s double EP Time/Space is available here.

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