VIDEO: Öctagon Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.02.10 AM

Streetwear label Carhartt grouped some of its finest riders and creative minds together to produce a short film based on what would happen if human beings lived under totalitarian laws. This seems to be the most sought out theme in productions aimed at teens these days, especially with the likes of YA series such as The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, and other stick-it-to-the-man movie adaptations being released sometime this year. But of course, each of these has their own individual novelty, with Öctagon using skateboarders as its point of distinction. As per norm, the polygonal shape in question is a mouthful of sci-fi jargons — to quote the official description; “The Öctagon is totalitarian and omniscient. Billions of data are generated by this independent system and build a unique reality. Individuals live within the Öctagon. Geographic space doesn’t exist for real, it is not tangible but still defined by a multitude of data.”

Check out the trailer below: 

The 25-minute film will be released online mid-May. Keep updated via their Facebook page here.