VIDEO: Burger Fiction’s The Movie ABC’s

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Any video that features a still of Evan Baxter in the newsroom during Bruce Almighty (y’know, that scene where he speaks in gibberish, or as IMDb refers to it, “unintelligible chicken squawking,”) as its thumbnail will be one we’d click play. The Movie ABC’s is exactly what the title suggests — learning ABC’s with 85 movies or less. It uses clips of actors reciting certain alphabets from films such as Lethal Weapon, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Seven Psychopaths, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and many more. We’re confident that our readers are able to list the ABC’s in their sleep (unless we have toddlers for readers…) but it’s far more entertaining to watch it in this manner. The creators of this video – Burger Fiction – is notorious for creating supercuts, collaging similar scenes from various movies to create a new one such as its Every Jason Statham Punch. Ever., Cursing Without Cursing100 Greatest One Liners: Before The Kill, and evolutions of characters like BatmanWolverine, and more.

Learn your ABC’s with actors below:

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