VIDEO: Branko: Atlas Unfolded

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Buraka Som Sistema‘s co-founder Branko flown around the world–five cities to be exact– to record his debut album entitled Atlas. Red Bull Music Academy followed the Portuguese artiste to make a five-part docu-series as he seeks out different artistes to collaborate with. For instance, there’s Bubbling figurehead DJ Moortje, then there’s Dutch South African band Skip & Die in Amsterdam, later capturing the kwaito beat in Cape Town, and even working with Jillionaire of Major Lazer fame while he was in New York. Spanning the globe for his album, Branko tries to incorporate or distill the local cultural essence of the various places and people he visits and meets as Atlas slowly takes its shape and the documentary edges closer to its finale.

Watch all of the episodes below, starting with the first episode below:

Episode two:

Episode three:

Episode four:

Episode five:

Branko’s Atlas is available for purchase here. You can stream the album here.

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