VIDEO: Brandon Tay Visualises Yllis’ ‘wiik’ into an Archaic Digital Nightmare

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source: Yllis

Syndicate SG’s resident visual artist, Brandon Tay, opts for full-on late ‘90s to early ’00s A E S T H E T I C S with the video treatment for Yllis’ debut single ‘wiik’ – the art style du jour of other similarly net culture-inclined electronic acts; anything from Software’s roster to label founder Oneohtrix Point Never’s Lynchian digital realm. As such, the video utilises the glitchiness and raw rendering emblematic of early 3D graphics – low-res textures and low polygons with trippy colour gradients that then culminate in their slow digitisation into the pixilation of an NTSC television. With its subtle notion of hyperconnectivity as an unstoppable infection, and the overt sexual imagery pertaining to the female anatomy, the video is nigh System Shock meets H.R. Giger.

Watch the video below:

Yllis’ debut EP ISLAND-01 is expecting a release date some time in June.

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