VIDEO: Boss Chan fka Familyboy’s ‘Heavily Sedated (Chopped & Screwed)’

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source: Boss Chan

JUICE premiered the chopped and screwed edition of Malaysia’s lost horrorcore classic Heavily Sedated EP just last May thinking that it would be a one-off thing, but like Francis Dolarhyde during a full moon, it signalled the full-blown resurrection of The Great Purpp Dragon as titular track ‘Heavily Sedated’ is finally given a music video treatment. True to the purple drank that inspired the chopped and screwed movement, the video is filtered in a particularly hazy shade of purple that mirrors Boss Chan’s sedated psychosis. It’s all very Category III-esque; schlocky, unintentionally humorous, and genuinely unnerving at certain points (see Boss Chan’s cold, dead gaze). Victims include ALTRBG, Dae Kim, and The Bat Cave’s Dment, and cameos consist of Pradana and the person responsible for directing, shooting, and editing the music video, HQA of The Rebel Scum.

Watch ‘Heavily Sedated’ below:

Listen to the original version of Heavily Sedated EP here.

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