VIDEO: Bok Bok’s ‘Melba’s Call’ feat. Kelela

A quasi-sequel to their work together on Kelela’s own mixtape Cut 4 Me (‘Guns & Synths’), Bok Bok’s latest single ‘Melba’s Call’ reinforces what was already established on that record; these two are the perfect producer and vocalist pairing. The glitchy r’n’b cut is a glimpse of what the genre could have evolved into had the futurist r’n’b acts of the late ’90s and early ’00s followed up with their sound today (what happened to Tweet?). Even the video, featuring a 3D-rendered sci-fi studio and a video within a video of Kelela, is reminiscent of that era’s aesthetic. Although Bok Bok has utilised vocals on his solo projects before, they were never full-on vocal tracks. If ‘Melba’s Call’ is any indication of his upcoming EP — slated for a Spring release — expect a slightly different Bok Bok, which is fine by us.

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