VIDEO: Bleak Human Existence via Inside – A Short for Channel 4’s Random Acts


Inside is a short by Parisian artist Mattis Dovier submitted to Channel 4’s Random Acts, which is described as the “home to the world’s boldest and most innovative creative shorts.” The claim is bold but founded; just take a look at this monochromatic short that depicts the clinical desolation of humanity meeting a quietus. Chillingly scored by producer Mondkopf and brilliantly narrated by Seymour Milton, it follows a university student who encounters a writhing, decrepit homeless man who sends him into a tailspin of severe hypochondria and delusions (“No one seemed to notice it, I was alone – alone with my new appearance”). He goes on to envision the impending end of civilisation where humans have ceased their natural evolution as they discard blood and flesh for mechanics and metal. Think Tetsuo: The Iron Man by way of Junji Ito.

Prepare to be transfixed, watch the video below:

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