VIDEO: Black Kray’s ‘Luv U Bwoi (prod. Mushroom Buttons & Rath)’

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We’ve seen the future, the name HAVERHUCK VHS is probably going to be the visual equivalent of “We got London on da Track” and “Metro Boomin want some more” in the Malaysian hip hop scene. The videographer pseudonym of hqa (of The Rebel Scum) is seen in one new video after another; just days after Zet Legacy’s ‘Rapstar (feat. Jin Hackman)’, a decidedly non-VHS MV, HAVERHUCK has dropped the ‘fan-made’ video of Black Kray’s ‘Luv U Bwoi’, produced by local beat stalwart Mushroom Buttons and Rath. Quipping that it was shot with the fictitious F-Betamax format, the video sees him fully re-embracing the VHS aesthetic as it follows Shroom Butts and gang getting their Goth Money x TeamSESH on – loitering in front of 7-Eleven, skating (while vaping), chowing down on Mustafa Jones’ burgers #MJAllDay, playing arcade games, cheffin’ next to foreign workers, and general street freaks and geeks goings-on, all while in some shitty part of Taman Melawati. Also, does this count as a fan video when the producer of the track is featured in it?

Watch the video below:

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