VIDEO: Bittersweet’s ‘CONTROL’

source: Bittersweet

Although Britrock-channelling band Bittersweet has kept a low profile for a period of four years, they’ve continuously teased fans about a new album in the making. Finally, they’ve released a music video for their first single off their upcoming third album BTSWT called ‘CONTROL’. Following the declarative statement of the song title, the band’s reintroduction to fans does not disappoint, as they deliver a fervent, straight-up rock’n’roll track with galvanising guitars and drums that come to incite a sensation that is best illustrated by the various footage of excited, clamouring fans at their gigs. We’re sure everyone is thrilled about Bittersweet’s return, and so are we.

Watch the video below:

Bittersweet’s third album BTSWT is anticipated for a release some time in 2016.