VIDEO: Bihzhu’s ‘Bright Veins’

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source: Bihzhu

It’s been four years since we’ve heard from Nicole Foo aka Bihzhu, whose song ‘The Heart Way‘ received plenty radio plays back then. Her latest track ‘Bright Veins’ is beaming with optimism and, if you may or may not be wading through some issues, general reassurance that “everything will be okay” as she reminds us repeatedly throughout the song. Recorded while she was at a spiritual retreat in Australia, there is a definite holistic vibe to the track with the traditional instruments such as tabla, gamelan, kompang, and dholakh— and particularly in the celebratory yelps and cheers complementing the backing vocals as the song reaches its triumphant conclusion.

Watch the video below:

‘Bright Veins’ is available for purchase here.

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