VIDEO: Big Grams (Big Boi & Phantogram)’s ‘Born To Shine/ Run For Your Life’


Big Grams, if you didn’t know, is the collaborative project between Big Boi and electronic duo Phantogram. Though they’ve released their self-titled EP last year, it is only now that two of the songs from it have received an epic animated music video treatment. Brought to you by the team at Awesome Inc., a company that works closely with Adult Swim, the video captures Big Boi and the Phantogram pair in otherworldly, kaleidoscopic scenarios. For instance, fighting with grotesque bad dudes at a bar, getting transported into another realm, and Big Boi getting seduced by a witch-like enchantress. It’s wild and fantastical, it’s worth just watching the animation if for some odd reason you can’t get on with the Run The Jewels-featuring ‘Born To Shine’ and the fantastic ‘Run For Your Life’.

Watch the video below:

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