VIDEO: Beyoncé About To Shut The Internet Down Again This Weekend

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When life gives mortals lemons, they either throw it back to where it came from or make a glass of lemonade. But when it’s given to Beyoncé, she teams up with HBO to stop the world from turning for a few hours because she’s debuting a film (or is it a music video?) entitled Lemonade.

There’s no telling what she actually plans to release over the weekend but our money is on it being a documentary (a potential follow-up to Life Is But A Dream? That’d be the dream), which will eventually lead up to an album because her Formation ‘world’ tour (consisting of countries within the European and American continents) is scheduled to begin on Thursday 28 April ’16 — so, it’s only a matter of time before we are blessed with new Beyoncé material. After all, how can she start a tour named after her recent single without an accompanying album?

She can, because she’s Beyoncé. But she won’t because she’s not that cruel.

Judging from Lemonade‘s trailer and together with the rumours of her working with Trayvon Martin’s family and Kendrick Lamar over the past couple of months, we’re hoping the film will be addressing topics that will make people feel slightly uncomfortable. Lemon is sour, after all. The point of this post (besides worshipping Queen Bey) is to warn everybody to stay away from the internet on Sunday noon because it’s going to be buzzin’.

Watch the trailer below:

Lemonade will premiere this Saturday 23 April ’16 on HBO. It’s uncertain whether HBO Asia will be showing the same programme; we hope they do or we’ll have to wait with bated breath for a pirated copy. 

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