VIDEO: Bastard Malaya’s ‘Fever Til 44’

source: Bastard Malaya

One of the better tracks off Bastard x Orang Malaya’s Not Really Us mixtape, ‘Fever Til 44’ now comes with a video treatment courtesy of local clothing line Stakes Shop. In tandem with the duo’s lofi aesthetics, the video has all the trappings of vaporwave in its timestamped faux-VHS footage, outmoded graphics, glitch-digitised art, and of course, the appropriation of random Japanese characters. While Farhan (the Bastard of the duo) does his level best at channelling the kind of epileptic gestures you’d expect from Slug Christ — complete with eyes rolled into the back of his head — and Orang Malaya plays the less quirky half of Bastard Malaya, producer f r s looks on unaffected, although occasionally getting his ‘bows up and swag on. Father would have been proud.

Watch the video below:

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