VIDEO: Bassment Syndicate’s ‘Bad Timing’

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source: Bassment Syndicate

Fresh off their performance at Raising the Bar Festival ’16 on Saturday, the jazz-informed hip hop band Bassment Syndicate has dropped a single and its accompanying music video from their sophomore album 25 Hours — ‘Bad Timing’. Shot entirely on a GoPro as directed by the bassist (Fook) himself, after a bad throw of a basketball, we follow a man into an abandoned house with different scenes (possibly memories) occurring within it. While interviewing the band, they’ve told us about the concept behind their forthcoming album 25 Hours; the album tells the story of the psyche of a car crash victim, with each song illustrating the varying thoughts and flashbacks he would have. With that preface in mind, the lyric “What’s the use in timing life?” has much more of a resonance than simply a reminder of seizing the moment before it’s too late.

Watch the video below:

Keep an eye out for their forthcoming album 25 Hours to be released soon. 

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