VIDEO: Bass Sekolah’s ‘Lighthouse’

source: Bass Sekolah

‘Lighthouse’ had its debut late last year which we’ve already covered here; fast forward four months later, the track finally receives a video treatment. Directed by Kubhaer T. Jethwani, the video takes place in a setting that had an influence on the track as well as being the headquarters for the electronic duo — The Dusun. The tranquility found in the song is even more emblematic now that it’s set to clips of lush foliage and river streams.

The Lighthouse EP will include remixes of the song from the likes of Daedelus, Phon.o, Perera Elsewhere, Beatspoke, Filewile, New Marks Electric Trio, Sauce 81 and Boogie Mann. A staggering list of venerable acts from across the globe, young and old.

Watch the official video below:

Pre-order the Lighthouse EP Vinyl 12″ here