VIDEO: ‘Banana’ by The Kominas

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source: The Kominas

Bananas. From the Velvet Underground’s album cover designed by Andy Warhol to the lyric of ‘Hollaback Girl’ where Ms. Stefani made spelling a three syllable word so catchy. Bananas have been so weirdly prevalent in pop culture. Is it because of their sexually suggestive shape? The shade of yellow? Whatever the reason is, everyone’s favourite potassium rich fruit is the all encompassing subject of the Komina’s low budget but charming video. In it, you can find bananas in every way possible: candy form, literally, lyrically,  and of course, metaphorically. The Kominas, one of the subjects of the infamous Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam documentary, are what the namesake of that docu suggests; Muslim Americans who play punk. Fittingly, much of their stuff comment on the cultural clash of being both Muslim and American with abrasive rock and middle eastern vibes that could inspire a revolt like the best of classic punk. However, ‘Banana’ is almost a lighthearted break from all those sociopolitical issues — the song is, in their words, “a post-punk song for kids about mental health, specifically for those dealing with identity/religious issues.” The guitar and pounding of drums are more pop-friendly this time around, and there is a lot of catchy word play. Sunny Ali delivers a deadpan reassurance that “even if you lose your mind, you know bananas will stay by your side.” But then he quickly flips the multi-definitional word and exclaims “don’t go bananas!”

Watch the boys play with their food (re: fruit) below.

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