VIDEO: Anthony Gonzales of M83 Performs ‘Do It, Try It’ As Teen Wolf


Anthony Gonzales’ – the mastermind of M83 – latest studio album Junk is an homage to television shows of the ’70s and ’80s – those of his childhood. Fans would know that Gonzales is a nostalgic person, so in a rather inexplicable fashion, the musician took the stage at Jimmy Kimmel to perform the album’s lead single ‘Do It, Try It’ as Teen Wolf, the character made famous by the late Michael J. Fox in the ’80s. We bet it’s a dream of his to be Teen Wolf, and in the context of the album and performance theatrics, this is fantastic in its oddness. Unfortunately, we don’t think Gonzales will repurpose this antic when he arrives in KL in two weeks time for his Urbanscapes concert, but we’re still excited nonetheless.

Watch the performance below:

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