VIDEO: Animal Collective’s ‘FloriDaDa’


If you watch enough American television, you might know of Americans’ unflattering view of the sunshine state of Florida; you may have heard of the joke (from 30 Rock or Cougar Town) where the state of Florida is sometimes called “the penis of America.” And seeing it wagging in the video for Animal Collective‘s latest single ‘FloriDaDa’ — a portmanteau of either Florida and dada or florid and dada (which aptly describes the video) — it really does look phallic. Animated by kyttenjanae & Caleb Wood, the video is as heady and far-out as the lengthy lyrics that the band manages to spout in a hurried pace.

Get a head trip below:

Animal Collective’s Painting With will be out on Friday 19 February ’16 via Domino.