VIDEO: Ali Aiman’s ‘Morning Sun’

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Ali Aiman

Ali Aiman returns with a music video after a year since the release of ‘Breathe‘ from his Overture EP. The video for single ‘Morning Sun’ — from forthcoming EP Transcend — takes a DIY approach to which he admitted that at the time he did not have the funds for a more polished MV, but this is just as pleasing. It has a simple premise; it features various wide angle views of the city at night time as he takes us along for a ride. The single itself has a prominent piano that commingles with a buoyant, consistent beat, making it a dreamy pop track. Driving around KL for the light of the next day with this song scoring the whole trip would make it a less lonely experience, don’t you think?

Watch the video below:

‘Morning Sun’ is available for purchase via iTunes. More from Ali Aiman here.

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