VIDEO: Ali Aiman’s ‘Cover You (Feat. Talitha Tan)’

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Ali Aiman

There was the DIY, night drive-appropriate video of ‘Morning Sun‘, then he was featured on +2db’s ‘Cheap Perfume‘, here’s another single taken from Ali Aiman‘s forthcoming EP entitled Transcend. Unlike the mood of ‘Morning Sun’ which was decidedly more pop, ‘Cover You’ is a dark ballad to the person who struggles with bouts of insecurity or doubt; it provides a sense of comfort where it offers, “If you fall through the cracks and there’s no time to act / It may feel like a trend; you’ll be needing a friend.” The song also features singer-songwriter Talitha Tan; both artistes cloaked in black as the video goes through various seasonal transitions, from being showered in rain, to swirling in delicate snowfall.

Watch the video below:

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