VIDEO: Aizyl’s Knock Off Toy Reviews

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Since Pewdiepie’s YouTube earnings was released a few days ago (who would’ve thunk that a YouTuber could bring home seven million dollars a year? Not us that’s for sure!), we knew others that had similar interests would want to bank in on the opportunity and there’s no time like the present, jafeels? With that being said and no bitterness intended in case that’s what was felt, meet Aizyl Azlee, KL’s very own knockoff toy reviewer. Aizyl very recently uploaded his first episode and it had us in tears — not because it was moving, but because he was funny as he commented on the production of the ciplak toy right down to the surprisingly matter-of-fact name (i.e. Captain America as opposed to a fake name like “Captain Man”). We know JUICE has a bunch of readers that can probably appreciate or criticise this — Aizyl used to work for us and we’d like to believe is a regular reader, he can’t be the only one — it’s your call.

Watch the video below:

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