VIDEO: Adam Kasturi’s ‘Karma (feat. Leo Ari)’

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source: Adam Kasturi

We teased that Leo Ari was in the midst of collaborating with Adam Kasturi when he debuted his first single last month, and that collaborative effort has now seen fruition with ‘Karma’. The track, in Adam’s words, is “an homage to the whole ’90s music scene, wasted talents, broken promises and obscure artists. I’m trying to capture the whole Gen-Y ennui; [their] ‘existensial’ crisis.”

Leo’s synth pop vocal styling, previously hinted at on his solo track ‘Silap’, goes for an overblown effect on Adam’s futuristic beat — imagine a slower paced PC Music release without computerised female vocals and sung by an ’80s new waver instead. Lyrically, ‘Karma’ is all about dichotomies, which is reflected in the video by Leo Ari’s hyperactive streetwear bear look and — one of the few times he’s shown his face — Adam Kasturi’s taciturn, self-serious producer demeanour. But of course, this is all done with the irony not unlike that of SADBOYS, Spooky Black, Nok From the Future, Bones, and the rest of their ilk.

Watch the confluence of .gif images, anachronistic green screen effect, Tumblr-esque types, looping early ’90s 3D graphics, teen angst flicks, and internet culture below:

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