Victor G Headlines JUICE Birthday Bash Tonight!

One of the best DJs in the country, Victor G has been working it for 10 years. Living up to his name, Victor has earned his chops making JUICE DJ Quest’s first ever champ and is repeat offender at the Pioneer DJ Competition he’s even been banned from enterring. Cap that off with a position as ressie at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound and you know he is running with the big boys. To JUICE, Victor is family. That’s why we want you to familiarise. Here’s 13 things we bet you didnlt know about Victor G.

#1 When pals dreamt of becoming doctors and pilots, Victor G never really knew what he wanted to be growing up. The calling came when he started dabbling in music at house parties and high school proms.

#2 Victor G studied piano at age 7, but gave up at Grade 1. He even picked up guitar and did the whole ‘jam in the studio thing’ at one point. The man is musical….

#3 While at college Victor G’s parents were none to thrilled at their son’s penchant for deck; they wanted him to have a 9 to 5 job upon graduation but after he racked up a crazy amount of DJ competition wins they came around. In a show of familial support, Victor G’s parents have been spotted at his gigs, but not for very long. He’s too loud.

#4 Victor G is digging the day job where he gets to partake of the biz side of the industry. Besides spinning, he rolls up his sleeves and helps on Euphoria’s marketing and promotions.

#5 He is presently working on his own music and already has several singles out. Victor will soon be embarking on gigs to Australia and Indonesia. The latter is one of his favourite countries to play in for its vibe and beautiful people.

#6 Victor G doesn’t sing in the shower, but if he did he’d give Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ a crack. talk about ambition….

#7 One for the trainspotters: Victor G uses the Pioneer CDJ 1000mk3, DJM 800, Allen & Heath Xone4d, Serato Scratch Live, EFX 1000, Korg Kaosilator and his Macbook Pro when DJing. In the studio he uses a Macbook Pro, PC Desktop running on Logic Pro, Ableton, Reason with loads of plug ins and VSTis, M-Audio Firewire Audio Interface, Cambridge Soundcraft Monitors and an Edirol Pcr 50 Midi Keyboard. Phew!

#8 He could have been called DJ Yo Momma So Funky. Bullet dodge!

#9 If he only had 5 minutes left to live Victor G would like Clint Mansell’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ played.

#10 His motto is “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

#11 He loves extreme sports. That might explain why he fractured his foot 3 weeks ago and is temporary disabled. Victor’s still coming out to play at the JUICE party though. Trooper!

#12 Victor G hearts music, family and friends. Now you know this that means YOU!

#13 These are his thoughts on JUICE: “JUICE has gone into many different directions over these past years. I think it has gone very mainstream covering the indie and nu rave scene. Not saying that it’s bad but I think the underground house scene should get equal coverage.” We hear you, mate!

Catch Victor G at Move, every Friday nights at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound spinning house, minimal, prog, techno, and trance and TONIGHT at the JUICE Future So Bright Party. It starts at 9pm. Victor takes over at 1am.