Vials: ‘Warbstract’

The death of one band leads to the birth of another, and that’s the case with 7 member, Brit pop/experimental group, Vials. The remaining lineup of Scarlet Gallery that consisted of guitarist Shah/Angahead, drummer Hafiez, and vocalist Em decided to come up with a new band name in 2005, which also signaled the change in their musical direction.

Together with Juno on piano, Bill on guitar/xylophone, Krie on bass, and Nana on violins, Vials is a catchy blend of Brit pop, experimental, shoegaze, and post rock that are unique in the eyes of its Malaysian peers. In fact, their newly released single, ‘Warbstract’ is a 7-minute anthem that sounds very much like what British bands like Coldplay and Elbow are celebrated for.

The band was discovered during their performance at the recent Hidden Sessions gig at Actors Studio Lot 10, and from their promising single, we won’t be hearing the last of them soon.

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