As Concentrated As 10 Sheet Masks, Get Radiant & Plump Skin Effortlessly While You Sleep With This New Lotion

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We know that body lotion is crucial for your skincare regimen because, apart from an aesthetic standpoint whereby it keeps your skin looking bright and nourished all day, the extra moisture and nutrients are vital if you seek healthy skin in the long-term.

The problem is, seeking products that are non-sticky, light-weight with beneficial ingredients can prove challenging…

So if you’re tired of slathering on all kinds of concoctions in an attempt to meet all your skin’s needs, and spend hours a day wondering how to achieve that glowy look without all the heavy stickiness, fret not – Vaseline’s here for you.

A staple beauty brand for 150 years and counting, introducing Vaseline’s latest Gluta-Hya Overnight Radiance Repair Lotion! Just as its name suggests, this product couples the need for plump and nourished skin with almost effortless, quick results that come in while you sleep.

10X More Powerful Than Vitamin C

Firstly, the combination of GlutaGlow and Hyaluron is a match made in skincare heaven, leaving the product with effectiveness 10X more powerful than Vitamin C* to reduce the causes of dull skin. With the concentration of 10 sheet masks+, all you have to do is wear the lotion overnight to wake up with radiant and plump skin in the morning!

Besides that, this lotion also comprises 10X Amino Peptide Complex, leaving you with the perfect solution to nourish and revitalise tired skin, bringing out the radiance and natural elasticity of your skin.

These ingredients are known to boost the skin’s moisture levels for healthy-looking skin. Imagine all this goodness locked into a night lotion, with non-sticky, fast and complete absorption. Get all these advanced ingredients all in this one lotion!

With a lightweight texture that feels comfortable on the skin and does not leave any heavy or greasy residue, you can kiss those awkward streaks or patches goodbye. Not to mention, the lotion also glides easily over the skin, allowing for even, almost effortless application, leaving a lingering cool and invigorating feeling behind.

In fact, the lotion has a Serum Burst Texture, meaning when applied, the distinctive solution erupts into water droplets and is quickly absorbed into the skin, faster than you can say “Vaseline”. Note that the lotion is best applied after a shower, to seal moisture deep into the skin for maximum hydration and suppleness. The perfect way to moisturise your skin without the hassle of waiting for the lotion to dry or dealing with any greasiness.

Plus, the lightweight texture of the lotion makes it ideal for use in any season, as it does not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. Humidity won’t get in the way of your pursuit of radiant, glowing skin!

*Based on in vitro test

+Comparing Niacinamide content vs Unilever Facial Sheet Mask

Reiterating that all you have to do is wear Vaseline’s Gluta-Hya Overnight Radiance Repair Lotion while you sleep, to wake up to supple, hydrated skin – without the need for an extensive body care routine.

Owing to its potent combination of ingredients and fast-absorbing formula, this lotion is definitely a must-have for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their skin.

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Pamper yourself today! Visit your preferred Watsons outlets or online store to purchase, and rest assured knowing that Vaseline leaves no place for viscosity or heaviness in your self care routine.

Feel confident with Vaseline now!

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