Various Artists: Kitsuné Tabloid By Phoenix (Kitsuné)

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Following Digitalism, French alt rock royalty Phoenix is the 2nd act commissioned by electronic music label Kitsuné to compile its Tabloid series. For the uninitiated, Phoenix was the only French band, apart from Daft Punk and Air, during pre-mp3 blog days that didn’t spew out Euro trash. Redeeming Digitalism’s sloppy cut and paste job, Phoenix’s personal pick of rare songs that transcend time sends us on an 18-track musical adventure through rock ‘n’ roll, soul, R&B and synth pop. Like a mixtape for your sweetheart, the flow is consistent even with artists like KISS, Elvis Costello and Ritchie Valens separated by mere seconds of silence. They even get away with a sax-led Iggy Pop track, a wall of sound disco numbers by Roxy Music and a 10-minute plus closer from Lou Reed. The most warm and melodic record to be released on the electro-oriented Kitsuné, this comp is a timeless gift from one of the best French bands out there.

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