Vans Brigata SS15

Vans Classics Brigata SS15

It is possible that we’re projecting our own biased views on this style of footwear but when we think of boat shoes, we think of yachts, docks, but mostly Nautica ads. Van, as we all know, does not have any association with that frou frou lifestyle but for their Spring/Summer line, they’ve deviated from urban sports and now the company is venturing into making shoes for those who are inclined to the nautical lifestyle. The collection will see seven colourways but for now, the Brigata range debuts with three distinct designs; there’s the classic black, the chambray derivative, and a leather accented version that comes in — no surprise — black and a muted ‘coriander’ colour.

Take a look at the collection below:

The Vans Brigata retails at RM219 and is anticipated for arrival in June at all Vans outlets and selected dealers nationwide.