Valerie Ann Chua: Gentle Nature

source: Valerie Ann Chua

Text The New Forward

Valerie Ann Chua is a visual artist and illustrator based in Manila. The self-taught painter’s affinity for nature started from a very young age. Her fondness eventually grew into a deep appreciation of flowers. Her artworks prominently feature female subject matters and floral motifs, thoughtfully themed around vulnerability. Romantic and delicate flowers often envelope her subjects in a wistful reverie.

The stillness of her subjects, blotted with her earmark bright pastel palette shows a poignant paradox that implies what looks happy may also tell a sad story, an ode to her personal childhood. Also particularly notable is her inherent use of traditional mediums like acrylic and watercolour, where she finds its volatility unexpectedly inspiring. True to form, Valerie’s words on it were, “It’s like trying to dance with nature and it’s not going to work if one doesn’t give the other a chance to play.”

source: Valerie Ann Chua

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