Vacuum Cleaner Turns Performance Art

Who knew JUICE would write about vacuum cleaners? Well, not us. But this Electrolux advertisement video has got to be the most interesting we have seen of this cleaning device. No, it doesn’t feature Lady Gaga vacuuming and it may sound like a no big deal, but hey check out the video after the drop.


Wicked eh? This has got to be the first vacuum cleaner video that we would call dope. Released in April, it is the newest Erorapido from Electrolux and the structure was created by Swedish designer and artist Tobias Allanson.

First viewing of the video should serve as pure entertainment, but try a second time to catch all the fine details of the vacuum. That would include the LED headlight on the double-jointed nozzle, easy-to-remove hand-held unit and the sleek design.

Ok fine. We’re sounding like some household/design geek, but hey watch this behind-the-scenes video and see what we’re geeking out about.