V V Brown: LEAVE

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The British have an insatiable fondness for retro pop sounds, so when JUICE heard that the Brit press pegged London based artists, Vanessa Brown aka V V Brown as the next ‘Sound of 2009,’ we were somewhat cynical. So, we sussed her out ourselves and after tuning into her mashed up indie, soul and pop beats, we readily agree with them! Unlike Amy Winehouse’s smoky nightclub vibe or Duffy’s emo ballads, V V describes her sound as “do wop indie, whilst travelling on a rocket, all the way up into the deepest part of outer space” , in other words just pure whimsical fun. We picked that up in her latest single, ‘LEAVE’ from her debut album, Travelling Like The Light (due to drop in stores mid this year) from the minute we hit play. Leaning towards a pop ‘n’ roll vibe, the single bursts with an upbeat personality that is distinctively V V Brown.

Bop your head to V V Brown at www.myspace.com/vvbrown