Urban Stove’s Ready To Cook Meals

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Eating out too often can be quite an unhealthy option — especially if one’s option consists of mostly finger lickin’ good fried chicken and burgers — but it’s convenient because we save time on actually having to go out to buy ingredients and prepping for the dish. Marcus Koh and Lydia Wong noticed the dying trend of home cooking along with the hassle that comes with it, which planted the seed that led to the creation of Urban Stove;  a company that solves these tedious problems. Urban Stove is essentially a private chef; it plans your meals, buys the ingredients, does the prepping, but leaves the cooking to be done by you because that’s the best part. Best of all, serving time doesn’t take more than 30 minutes — think of this as putting Jamie Oliver’s ’30 Minute Meals’ to the test. Urban Stove works closely with its in-house chef to curate five new meals each week and from these five, customers get to choose three meals to cook at home. Each meal is then packed and labelled accordingly, and comes with a recipe card. They’re also vacuumed sealed to ensure optimum freshness and can be delivered to wherever is most convenient. Chicken Tikka Wrap is part of its menu this week… you know what to do.

Each ‘Couple Plan’ box (inclusive of 3 meals serving 2 adults) is priced at RM115 and can be ordered here. The Family Plan (for 4 pax) will be released soon.

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