Dwindle in Sweet Serendipity with Tennyson @ The Bee, Publika

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With many independent artistes on the rise in this digital age, singer-songwriters and producers are pushing their work out on streaming platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. Many admittedly have a similar sound, but not Tennyson – this electrifying duo projects their own distinctive voice in their music and is one to look out for.

Listening to Tennyson is like walking through an art gallery. Their expression of abstract beats and soothing otherworldly sounds can be daunting and simply euphoric. Each individual track takes you on a whole different spiritual experience. Luke and Tess Petty, the sibling pair behind their brainchild, Tennyson, grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and started off their careers at a young age and would perform jazz covers on stage. But their true passion and potential was discovered when Luke began experimenting with electronic music production with sounds of nature and manufactured tones all while including his sister, Tess, thus giving birth to the band.

A convoluted structure with robustness and cutting edge style is the result of their little experiment and what else can be said other than it’s addictive? Tennyson’s amalgamation of episodic jazz-influenced rhythms with ranges of electronic textures precipitates an altitude of hypnotic epilepsy. On their latest tracks, Luke has lent his vocals to further enhance the flavour of their tune with his effortless, clean baritone. Here’s a track with his vocals:

Tennyson’s emotive instrumentation grants his simple and direct lyrics, allowing the medium to deliver the message. It is a language of sophistication. A language of it’s own. Their performing live is no different from listening to their tracks through an earpiece – or even better! Watching Tennyson’s infectious performance and the aura they carry would sweep you off your feet. And guess who will be the opening act? Malaysia’s own multihyphenate talent Shelhiel – another musical genius.

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