Upfront Pres. Lydmor

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source: Lydmor

Upfront is bringing the talented “emotional electropop” artiste Lydmor down to The Bee this October so that all you music buffs can satisfy your appetite for electronic music. Famous for her unconventional lyrics and buttery smooth electric verses, Lydmor has made a significant mark in the Danish music industry and is ready to spread her reign as the Queen of Quirk to our Malaysian shores.  She certainly knows how to stir up emotions in her listeners, as she has a knack for slicing through your heartstrings with her killer vocals and then tying them back together in bows with her charm. Seeing her live is not to be missed as she is a bubbling pot of charisma who provides not just an auditory experience; but also a visual and kinesthetic one. On stage she is a firecracker possessed by the music; her erratic hand gestures and dramatic swaying making it seem as if she is performing a ritual wherein she gives herself up as an offering to the music Gods. Her performances are just dramatic. Period. She does not only sing the music; she becomes the music. This is one act that you should check out.

Date Thursday 16 October ’14
Time 8pm
Venue The Bee, Publika
Cover RM48 (presale), RM68 (at the door)

More information and ticketing details here

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