Untitled Entertainment Asia Pres. Hiatus Kaiyote

2595_HiatusKaiyote luke david kellet

Hiatus Kaiyote was formed in the land of vegemite sandwiches after four people bonded over poetry, neo soul, and hip hop — that’s pretty much what the band’s sound is. These guys have only been around for four years but have already gained a Grammy nomination back in 2013 for their song ‘Nakamara’ off of their Tawk Tomohawk LP. Their songs are incredibly chill and easy to listen to, so if you’re a fan of music that you can flail to like a fairy with a dreamy soundtrack playing in the back, check ’em out when they’re in Kuala Lumpur next month.

Date Thursday 24 September ’15
Time 8pm
Venue The Bee, Publika
Cover RM98 (early bird) / RM118 (presale)

Listen to ‘Nakamara’ below:

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