Untied States: Instant Everything, Constant Nothing (Distile)

Untied States is an art rock band from Atlanta that formed in 2003. The musical brainchild of co-writers and childhood neighbours Colin Arnstein and Skip Engelbrecht, the band’s music has been described as “deconstructionist” and “avant rock”. Drawing its influence from Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Radiohead, Liars and Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd to the more experimental sides of Wire and The Buzzcocks, Untied States is sort of like math rock with vengeful noise-ridden crescendos. Their latest LP demonstrates a newfound middle ground between the group’s more structured works and sonic explorations. But Instant Everything is nothing short of a full rock out. Just check out the oversized percussion assault of ‘Wrestling With Entropy in the Rehabbed Factory’.

Listen to: ‘Wrestling With Entropy in the Rehabbed Factory’
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Rating: 3 ½

Pick up a hammer and smash your guitar at www.myspace.com/untiedstates.