UNIQLO’s 2015 UT Line

UT 2015

UNIQLO’s quest for producing classic t-shirts has arrived at its 13-year mark and for that, the Japanese mega retail brand is taking their UT range to a more global scale with 35 international graphic content. With an ambitious tagline — ‘The New Model T’ — UNIQLO and UT’s creative director NIGO are ensuring every detail from the material to the graphics contribute to making a classic wardrobe staple.

What’s a t-shirt if it does not reflect a piece of pop culture? This year, the UT line will see a seismic collaborations from a multitude of companies and personalities from different sectors, for instance, Mr. Men Little Miss, TINTIN, and the Dutch character miffy, as well as graphics inspired by businesses such as British sewing goods company Merchant & Mills, New York bicycle maker Brooklyn Machine Works, and 400-year-old Japanese cotton textiles trading company Eirakuya, along with Leo Lionni and New York interior goods designer Thomas Paul. Additionally for the well-received ‘Musical Icons’ range, it will include bands such as Aerosmith, Metallica, and Coldplay.

Take a peek at some choice designs from TINTIN, Peanut’s, and Merchant & Mills below:

The UT line is available at all UNIQLO stores nationwide, selection may differ by location.