Underground Société

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source: Underground Societe

Bourgeois Fine Dining
As hipster cafés and burger outlets continue to stamp their mark across the Klang Valley, a similar trend is taking place in terms of the fine dining restaurants that are growing in number to cater to the wants and needs of the upwardly mobile middle-class. The Choong brothers are aiming to bridge this demand with their latest venture, Underground Société (US). Located within a stone’s throw of the prolific duo’s student-friendly coffee shop in Bandar Sunway, Garage 51, you’d be able to drive past the new bistro without noticing it at all. That’s right, no big signs or flashing neon lights to indicate the faux speakeasy’s presence besides a punny ‘Come Join US’ sign placed right outside the double wooden doors and black exterior of the restaurant.

Inside, the owners have done their best to adorn the place with minimalistic yet classy decor – it’s a significant step up from their initial offerings at Coffee Société or Garage 51 in terms of their target market, and the menu items also seem to reflect this. Numerous offerings of lobster dishes, pastas, burgers, and the like all come served beautifully – yes, Underground Société’s plating is indeed insta-worthy, for all of you typical azns looking for the next hip place to sip coffee at. Not only that, the liquor menu is surprisingly detailed, with multiple wines, whiskies, beers, and other intoxicants to choose from.

On weekdays, the cafe is usually populated by students from Sunway University due to their reasonably priced set lunches (RM10 for a nice meal and a healthy juice?! We’d take that any day!), but the magic only kicks in later at night. We like to booze up with our finely plated dishes, and US allows for just that. Coffee with free shots (yes, those shots), RM10 pints, and free house pouring wine allows you to drink up and eat up in style. And lest we forget, their homemade cakes are fucking amazing. Baked by the Choong brothers’ very own mother, try your hands on the Hummingbird or their variety of chocolate cakes.

While you’re at it, ask for an extra shot of Baileys in your coffee. They won’t mind one bit.

68, JALAN PJS 11/7
OPEN: 11AM – 2AM
T: 03 5613 3851


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