Unchalee’s Childlike Tint

source: Unchalee

Text The New Forward

Unchalee, known among her friends as Leee, draws as a form of therapy. She mostly creates them when she’s feeling down or frustrated to let it all out. According to her, “If I am happy or in a good mood, most of them end up as just doodles, and not proper drawings I think.”

With a love for anything colourful, her approach is to use as many colours as she can in one image. As with most artists who focus on colour, it’s all about visualising an atmosphere or mood.

Whether tackling her drawings with colour pencils or a digital medium, Unchalee has a cohesive style of childlike expression. Preferring broad unrefined markings, the seemingly uninhibited drawings of Unchalee makes you rethink your own ideas of what makes something look “good” visually.

The Bangkok-based artist has her roots in graphic design, graduating with a Masters in Animation and Interactive Media from Australia’s RMIT. She currently can be found in her hometown, running the Speedy Grandma art gallery.


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